Irrigation Saves Time, Effort, and Money

North Carolina is on the cutting edge of efficient water use. Lawn irrigation saves money and water resources when done right. We are certified backflow readers and installers.

Incorrect watering of your lawn can potentially create many disease and weed problems. Consistent and correct watering helps to create deeper root growth for healthier lawns and plants. Installing an automatic irrigation system will keep your entire landscape looking beautiful!

Green Visions Landscape can provide service and advice on how to manage your landscape. With professionally installed and maintained irrigation systems, your yard can give you years of enjoyment with surprisingly little effort.

It's the law. NC Irrigation Contractors Must be Licensed.

North Carolina takes clean water and efficient use of this precious resource seriously. In 2009, the NC Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board was established. The Board oversees licensing for irrigation contractors to ensure water safety and efficient use.

It is against the law in North Carolina to construct and/or install irrigation without a license. Green Vision Landscape is a certified irrigation installer with the state.

Irrigation professionals, with assistance from the Carolinas Irrigation Association (CIA) and the Green Industry Council (GIC) drafted the bill that eventually became NC statute in response to droughts that forced municipalities to limit irrigation. But unfortunately, these actions were hurting the entire “green industry.”

Professionals wanted to get involved to ensure that high-quality, water-conserving irrigation systems were being installed.

Irrigation professionals know that irrigation can keep a landscape healthy and conserve water when installed, maintained, and operated properly.

Learn more at www.NCICLB.ORG

Irrigation Sprinklers Keep it Green

Our team adheres to the NC Irrigation Contractors Code of Professional Conduct.

  • To act honestly, honestly, and fairly towards clients and the public.
  • Respect and be courteous to colleagues and other professionals in the industry.
  • To avoid all conduct or practice that deceives the public.
  • To perform services only in the areas of our competence.
  • To follow Minimum Standards in irrigation design, installation, and service and to promote Best Management Practices adopted by the NCICLB.
  • To be environmentally responsible with design, installation, and service.
  • To protect the environment and the public’s safety, health, and welfare.
  • To adhere to local, state, and federal laws that apply to the irrigation industry.
  • To promote water conservation practices continually.
  • To maintain professional competence through annual continuing education and professional development activities.

Dean James, Irrigation Manager

Why Do Irrigation Systems Need Backflow Testing?

In Guilford County, North Carolina, backflow testing is mandatory bi-annually. Failure to keep an irrigation system operating properly can lead to fines, but more importantly, a broken system can introduce contaminates into drinking water.

Backflow testing ensures the backflow prevention devices we install can keep contaminated liquids from flowing back into local clean water systems.

Green Visions Landscape is a licensed and certified irrigation installer and backflow tester. We inspect and test backflow and upgrade systems where needed to keep your irrigation working correctly and water safe.

What is backflow?

Water is kept clean by ensuring it flows one way. That is from the clean source to the intended point of delivery, such as your home.

Backflow is the term for water flowing in the wrong direction, i.e., from your home to a municipal water system.

When backflow occurs, it’s terrible for water. In addition, chemicals, medical waste, or debris can enter your local water supply.

Professional irrigation stallers prevent backflow by limiting the number of cross-connections, tracking potentially hazardous connections, and regularly testing backflow and the prevention devices we install.

Backflow Testing Prevents Water Contamination


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