Transform your night landscape with subtle elegance.

Lighting Designs by Green Visions specializes in creating customized landscape lighting designs utilizing expert installation techniques and superior products to stylishly illuminate residential and commercial properties.

We focus on each client’s objective to achieve aesthetically pleasing yet security conscious lighting at an exceptional value!

Our team has over 25 years of lighting industry experience. We offer design, installation, maintenance, and service for repairs and bulb replacements. We use high quality products made by ClaroLux®, which offers the industry’s most complete line of high quality, low-voltage, landscape lighting products.

Accented beauty with lighting

You may want to showcase a particularly attractive aspect of your property. Perhaps an interesting piece of art needs a spot light or a colorful flower bed looks dull hidden in the dark. Maybe a pool or stately lily pond deserves some added attention. You may just want to enhance the overall beauty and value of the property.

Deter Intruders

There is more to landscape outdoor lighting than those bright lights attached to the eaves of your home. Flood lights create pools of light that allow thieves to hide in darkened areas close to windows. You can discourage criminals by placing landscape lighting fixtures exactly where the light is needed and by softly and subtly illuminating the front elevation of your home.

Increase Safety

A darkened landscape can quickly become difficult to navigate with steps, rocks, and small shrubbery creating a safety hazard. Instead of grabbing a flashlight to cross the yard or flicking on those blinding floodlights, utilize path lights or step lights to help  ensure safe passage.

Outdoor lighting is a simple and elegant way to increase your home’s value and security.

ClaroLux Lighting products, made of the highest quality materials on the market, offer a range of lighting techniques. At Green Visions Landscape, we utilize them all for our customers.

Learn more about our ClaroLux Lighting products here.

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