Brighten your outdoor spaces with custom lighting design that will have your property looking even more impressive at night than it does during the day! Using a variety of artistic lighting techniques, Lighting Designs by Green Visions creates stunning visual scenes that will highlight your outdoor landscaping, artwork and architectural features while creating a safe and inviting destination.


Elegant landscape lighting design requires visual mastery. Lighting Designs by Green Visions can create depth, dimension and continuity in a design. The results of our artistry create breathtaking landscapes that come to life in the night. With over 25+ years of experience within the lighting industry, our professionals can light up your dreams.


Every single one of our landscape exterior lighting designs are as unique as your landscape. Along with high quality fixtures, new money saving technologies are now being used for lighting outdoors and in gardens. Time and experience has proven that LED diodes provide not only the best landscape lighting around but also they use very little electricity and last much longer. With far less maintenance, easy installation, and very little investment once we have installed them all that is left is to enjoy spending time on your property throughout the night.


Once your landscape led lighting system is installed by Lighting Designs by Green Visions make sure that you keep in mind that maintenance is an essential part to keeping your property beautiful.

Landscape lighting requires very little maintenance once it is installed but as little as attention as it needs, it has to be done by a professional. If you overlook this very important point, you may end up paying a lot of out of pocket fees to fix minor and major issues down the line. We are here to help!