Pergolas add Serenity and Beauty to your outdoor living spaces

The use of a simple structure to form shaded walkways or sitting areas dates to late medieval and early Renaissance gardens in Italy. The term pergola derives from the Latin pergola, which means a projecting eave.

Pergolas connect patios, pools, and gardens to homes, creating aesthetically pleasing shaded areas to keep our the rain or enjoy light breezes and filtered sunshine. Pergolas can be freestanding or attached to buildings.

StruXure Pergola Systems are strong and gorgeous. They extend living space with a safe structure that serves many purposes.

Certified Outdoor StruXure Pergola System Provider

Green Visions Landscape is a certified StruXure Outdoor installer. StruXure offers the long-lasting, low-maintenance Pergola X. This modern-day pergola has the technology to open, close, pivot, and slide depending on your needs.

The Pergola X comes in 4 models designed to help you weather the elements. The Slide, Pivot, and Pivot XL offer a range of configurations that let in the sun, provide shelter from the rain, create shade, and look beautiful doing it all:

Pivot 6

Most popular with homeowners. Pivoting louvers control the amount of sun coming into your space. The uniquely designed louvers pivot a full 170°, offering protection regardless of the sun’s position. So you can enjoy your space with full sun, no sun, some sun, whatever your heart desires.

Pivot 6 XL

Best for commercial applications, the Pivot 6 XL is engineered to span further and handle excessive rain.

Pivot 6 Slide

This pergola can give you full sky for homeowners and businesses looking for that driving-with-the-sunroof-open feeling. Of course, you can still control the louvers like the Pivot 6, but this pergola also allows you to fully open and close the system giving you a clear view of the sky with no louvers.

Pan 6

This pergola offers fixed ceiling panel options that seamlessly integrate and protect a space. The Pan 6 is perfect for larger projects with multiple zones where you can alternate between louvers and pans.


Every aspect of the StruXure Pergola X is designed, fabricated, and assembled entirely in the U.S. by American workers who take great pride in their work. Each StruXure system is built to your exact specifications and designed to meet even Florida’s stringent hurricane codes and withstand heavy snow loads in winter.


  • Smartphone App
  • Rain/Wind/Programmability
  • Manual and Electric Operation
  • UL & CE Certified
  • Easy Preventative Maintenance & Cleaning

Every project we perform is done with the utmost care and attention to detail. We've got you covered from residential to commercial uses, from small patios to larger outdoor spaces. Contact us to schedule a consultation!


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